Don Quixote PDF Download Free eBook

Don Quixote PDF Download Free eBook

The Spanish Novel Don Quixote PDF Download. The novel is now freely available for download. The Original title of the book is El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha

Don Quixote, a novel of sixteen century and it was written by famous author Miguel de Cervantes. It consists of two volumes. In 1605, the first volume of the book was published whereas in 1650, the second volume was published.

Don Quixote Book Summary

Don-QuixoteThe story of the novel starts with Alonso Quixano, a gentleman of middle-aged from La Mancha in central Spain. Instead of taking care of his state, Alonso was obsessed with chivalrous ideals hyped in the books he constantly read. He would imagine himself as a knight. Riding his noble steed defending the helpless and destroying the wicked. One day, he went to his neighbor, a simple man named as Sancho Panza and told him, Sancho, I have decided that I will become a brave knight. And I would like you to become my faithful Squire. Sancho didn’t quite understand what was going on but he agreed to go with his neighbor.

Alonso went back home and put on his grandfather’s dusty and rusty armor. Afterwards, he chose an old horse to ride upon and gave a donkey to Sancho. They both went riding to a nearby village called El Toboso. As Don Quixote and Sancho Panza proudly rode through the streets of El Toboso. The villagers watched interestedly at the two strange characters and wondered who they could be and what they could be doing.

Quite unexpectedly, Don Quixote and Sancho rode past a young peasant woman who was working in the fields. She was a rather brawny girl, well-built and sturdy but through Don Quixote imaginative eyes she looked like very beautiful and delicate maiden he had ever seen. And he even imagined the name for her. Her name was Dulcinea, he considered her like a princess since she was queen & lady with super beauty. Since all the incredible and fantastic attributes of the beauty which poets apply to their women are proved in her. He told all to Sancho.

Adventures of Don Quixote

Sancho was confused, See Sancho Don Quixote tells him this is our purpose to protect such a lovely maiden from the dangers of the world. Then they continued their journey. Don Quixote and Sancho were resting under a tree when suddenly they see a big cloud of dust approaching and hear a loud noise. Quixane shouted, look, Sancho, shouts enemy army approaches, give me my lance and shield.

Don Quixote jumps onto his horse “Rocinante” and quickly charges. But it was just a big flock of sheep so Don Quixote sees himself alone in the middle of hundreds of running sheep. He tried to manage his Lance. Sancho would look at this not knowing what to think. There were so many sheep running that eventually Don Quixote lost his balance and fell from his horse. Sancho ran to help him up. Don Quixote told to Sancho, they were too many but I have fought, well haven’t I? Don Quixote asked, yes! you did Sancho replied to him.

Don Quixote Journey

Don Quixote and Sancho continued their journey through the night. Big storm approaches and quickly rain, wind, and lightning turned Don Quixote journey even more difficult. The wind blew so strong that they even have difficulty moving forward. Don Quixote comes around a hill where some windmills are spinning fast due to the wind speed illuminated by the lightning. The windmills look mysterious and for Don Quixote’s imagination, those were not windmills. He said, look Sancho, Giants! Giants! Everywhere, Sancho couldn’t see any giant only windmills.

Suddenly, Don Quixote could see Dulcinea being held captive on one of Giants’ hands. Dulcinea! Dulcinea! he shouted, I’ll come and save you and he charged toward the windmill that for him was a giant who had captured his love, Dulcinea. He said Fear, not Dulcinea, as he prepared to strike. Of course, that poor Don Quixote speared the sail of the windmill and got stuck there spinning around and around for hours until the wind calmed down. And he eventually fell on the ground. Don Quixote had been defeated. He was beaten and depressed. Sancho took his master back home while Don Quixote tried to figure exactly what had happened.

Return to his state, Don Quixote realized that all his adventures were simply a product of his imagination. Don Quixote never embarrassed himself further by going on any more quests. But his house would always be full of children to whom he would tell the most fantastic stories about Knights, Squires, and Noble quests. And all lived happily together going on many many more adventures in their imagination.

Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes

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