Hamlet PDF Novel Free Download

Hamlet PDF Novel Free Download

The English Novel Hamlet PDF is now free for download. Its one of the best novel. The download links of the book are giving in the below. Free download of Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Available in PDF, ePub, and Kindle.

Novel Introduction

This is the story of Hamlet PDF. Hamlet was the son of old King, comes home from England, then he comes to know that his dad is dead. And his mom has married to Claudius (his uncle), after the death of his father. He has suspicions but then is taken to the graveyard by his friend Horatio to suspect what actually happened. There was a ghost of his dad. This ghost told to Hamlet that he was actually poisoned in the ear by his uncle. The only problem here is instead of him just going out to straight-up kill him. He is now the new king, so he is of course very guarded. His idea of action is to pretend to go crazy. And won the play come and the theater comes into town. He brought up a play to reenact the death of his father and to clasp the Claudius to feel guilty to assure that he knows that he killed him.

Hamlet PDF

When it gets the part, where an old king is poisoned by King Claudius, the King gets embarrassed and then exits because he is figured out, he has been caught. He goes to the altar to put to pray and Hamlet comes up behind him and is like I’m gonna stab you. But doesn’t because if he is to stab him after he has forgiven all of his sins, he will still go to the heaven and he wants him to go to the hell. Then he meets to his mom to confront her and is very angry and is expressing what he thinks happened and with probably a hint of thinking that she had something to do with it but not very much. He hears someone behind a curtain and then stabs Polonius who is Hamlet’s love Ophelia’s father and stashes his body.

Hamlet Novel Summary

Then he goes psycho and decides to give everyone flowers representing different things and then sings for about 20 million pages. He is then sent to England because if he was to be killed he would King Claudius would end up having to deal with a lot of bad images of him from his kingdom. So, his idea is to get Rosencrantz & Guildenstern to send him to England. On the way, Hamlet switches the letters instead of it being Hamlet is to be executed by King of England when he gets there Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are they are intercepted by the pirates who then take Rosencrantz & Guildenstern to England. And then takes him back to Denmark. While when he comes back Laertes, son of the Polonius who has been killed.

Called by Claudius that he should then take revenge which is ironic. Because that is what Hamlet is trying to do to Claudius Parganas father. The idea to have a sword fight but his sword will be poisoned. So, obviously, their plan is for him to lose.

Shakespeare Best Novel Ever

Hamlet gets back, he is spying on some gravediggers who he then talks to he then sees his mom Claudius & Laertes come up to a grave to where Ophelia is being buried. Because she went psycho and drowned herself. Hamlet & Laertes have an exchange of words and them like wrestling for a bit. Then they duel and when they are doing Hamlet is then slashed by Laertes. So, and then the swords are somehow swapped because then slashes Hamlet. Then his mom gave him a drink of one and little does he know that Laertes is poisoned and it was intended for Hamlet. But he denies it & his mother drinks it. She dies and he gets really upset and he pretty much closes the castle down and then goes and stabs a Laertes. As he did before his mother died.


William Shakespeare

He then goes over to the king and then stabs him and then makes him also drink the rest of poisoned wine. At that point, Hamlet & Laertes then makeup and so they are both allowed back to heaven. While Claudius is to go to the hell. Foreign bras who is the guy in England where he met. While they were leading the army to Denmark to take over his kingdom out of revenge for Hamlet’s father. Then comes back to find that everyone is dead & foreign bras by Hamlet’s order is then named King of Denmark. And has his whole army there so he’s pretty much set up. Then Horatio with Hamlet’s last dying wish is to tell him the story of what really happened.

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Free download of Hamlet by William Shakespeare. English book is Available in PDF, ePub, and Kindle. The is the best novel of the writer. Novel Set in the Kingdom of Denmark.

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