Odyssey Free Download PDF

Odyssey Free Download PDF

Odyssey free download is available in PDF format. The book is a collection of poems. If you want to download the Odyssey book go to the last of the post. The Odyssey online book Links are also given.

Odyssey Short Summary

The Odyssey happened 10 years after the end of Trojan War. Odysseus has been stranded on the Nymph Calypso’s Island. And he’s being held as a sex slave. He Pines to get home to his spouse & son which reminds you that this is fiction. Back home in Ithaca, Odysseus’s hot wife Penelope and their son Telemachus which is Greek for lamest usage of the prefix Stella put up with hundreds of suitors. They all desired to marry her for the same reason that people who think God is the real, get married at 18 because they really just want to get laid.

The-OdysseyThe gods take pity on Odysseus and they talk Calypso and letting him free. But you should never take away a cougar sex slave. She makes Odysseus build the US Airways of rafts and he sets sail. While the sea’s God has a vendetta against him just a hair under 3,000 years before air travel. Poseidon goes perfect storm on his ass and he devours on a new island. He’s rescued by the locals and us flashback as he tells the whole story up to this point.

After the War of Trojan, Odysseus’ ship was driven off course to Island of the lotus flower which makes people who eat it addicted and lose their will to live or my day job. After that, they get to Cyclops’ Island they’re taken captive by an overgrown and stupid one-eyed monster. But escaping by blinding him which is 50% easier than blinding someone who does not look like a Sarah Palin child.

Next, they sail to the master’s home of the winds who enjoys telling people to blow me. The main leader of winds takes pity on Odysseus and gives him a bag of wind or the cheapest present in the history of regifting. The crew gets on their boat and has Ithaca in sight when the fuck up sailors think that the bag is filled with gold. Since the only thing that weighs same as gold is wind. So, the shittiest crew off-time opens the worst present off-time and the wind unleashes blowing them way off course.

Next up is the Circe’s Island and enchanting but evil witch also called a woman. Odysseus resists her magic by taking a drug called covering his ears with his hands which impresses her to the point where she decides to help. She sends Odysseus off to the land of the dead which is kind of like the ice crystals in Superman 2. And then she gives directions for to get home. They sail around Sirens’ Island where no one watches the female American Gladiators either. They pass between a six-headed monster on the land of Godzilla sequels. And they avoid a deadly whirlpool where Odysseus is genius crew managed to not get their dick stuck in the Jets. Then they land on an island filled with actual sacred cows but the crew that makes the Titanic staff look like NASA goes ahead and eats the gods as sacred animals for lunch.

The gods punished the sailors by killing all of them in a massive storm. Odysseus is the only stayer and he washes-up on the Calypso’s island which is where the story began. After they hear the tale the locals are so inspired to decide to help Odysseus finally get home. And after ten years or the time it takes to read the story, he comes back to Ithaca. When he gets back, he disguises himself as a homeless guy. Although it essentially has been tough trying to find a shopping cart in Greek times.

Odysseus reveals his identity to his son Telemachus and offers to do father-son bonding by murdering every single suitor in a horrific and bloody murder spree that takes shit my daddy says to a new level. Penelope announces that the man who’s strong enough to shoot Odysseus is both through a dozen ax heads is worthy of marrying her. I don’t know why she didn’t think of lift something heavy but to some people love is a late-night ESPN 2 world Strongest Man competition. Word buss off and Odysseus disguised as the homeless guy, enter the contest. He pulls off the feat which must have terrified Penelope like being the singled-out bachelor who gets stuck with the fatty. But then he murders every other contestant in a horrific display of being the sore winner. Odysseus reveals his true identity to Penelope and they passionately make out while knee-deep in dead suitor blood. He again unites with his father, son, and wife and the story end here.

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