The Bridge of San Luis Rey PDF

The Bridge of San Luis Rey PDF

Thornton Wilder is the writer of the famous American novel The Bridge of San Luis Rey PDF. It was the second novel writer that was basically published in 1927 in the United States of America. The total length of this novel is 138 pages. The original language of this novel in English.

This wonderful latest edition includes unpublished notes for the novel and further enlightening textual stuff, the whole of which is added in the latest after-word by Tappan Wilder.

One noon on Friday, twentieth of July, 1714, the most excellent flyover or bridge in All Peru shattered and hastened five tourists into the hole below. This is the sentence with which Thornton Wilder starts the novel “The Bridge of San Luis Rey”, an outstripping and surpassing accomplishment in American works of fiction and a book appreciated through-out the world.

By coincidence, a priest sees the disaster. The hermit Juniper then boards on a journey to provide evidence that it was godly interference rather than fate that steered to the loss of lives of those who passed away in the disaster. His quest steers to his own expiry and to the timeless exploration of the author into the description of love and the significance of human condition.

Thornton wrote many quotes, one of these is:

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures”.

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