The Catcher in the Rye PDF Novel by J.D. Salinger

The Catcher in the Rye PDF Novel

The author of this novel is J.D Salinger. This novel was published in the United States in the English Language. It was published on 16 July 1951. It is realistic fiction novel and shows problems faced by a person as a teenager. This novel was originally published for adults by since then it has become popular throughout the world for its theme on the life of a teenager, the fears and anxieties they face and the difference in their relationships with everyone at that age. The popularity of this novel can be determined by the fact that it has been translated into almost all major languages and people throughout the world have read it. The total sales of this book are more than 65 million books and around 250000 copies of this novel are sold each year.

The-Catcher-in-the-Rye-novelHolden Caulfield, who is the protagonist of this novel has become an image and representation of teenage rebellion. The novel deals with several complex teenage issues like innocence identity, relationships, connections, loss, and belongings. In 2005 “Time” included this novel in the list of 100 best English Language novels after written 1923. The modern library included this novel in the list of 100 best English Language novels 20th century. In the year 2003 BBC conducted a survey according to which this novel stood on 15th position on “The Big Read”.

The Catcher in the Rye Summary

This novel tells a story of a 16-year-old boy named Holden Caulfield, who is from New York. This novel explains several teenage issues. Holden is also facing these issues like loses, poor work and performance, jealousy, comparison, loneliness, depression, physical, mental and financial exhaustion. Holden has faced all these emotions and problems in history. He truly describes the life of a teenager that’s why this book is famous throughout the world. The writer has written this whole novel from the point of view of Holden.

Critical reviews said that the novel accurately reflects and shows the teenage colloquial of the time.

Bruce Brooks says that the attitude of Holden remains unchanged throughout the novel and he shows no maturity in his attitude. On contrary, Louis Menand says that this novel actually teaches it, readers, that alienation is just a phase. Brooks also says that Holden acts and thinks of his age while Menand claims that Holden thinks as an adult, therefore, he has the ability to know motives of other people. Some people also claim that Holden is passing through a face which lies between adolescence and adulthood. Holden is very emotional. Some people also say that Holden changes at the end when he says that golden ring is good for kids and it’s very good that how they catch and grab it.

This novel has been included in the list of best novels of the 20th century. Nash K. Burger, after the publication of this novel, said that it is an unusually brilliant and fantastic novel. George H.W Bush called the novel a marvelous book and said this is one of the books that have inspired him. Finlo Rohrer, who works for BBC wrote in June 2009 that even after 58 years of its publication this novel still perfectly describes the life of a teenager and their mixed emotions.

Adam Gopnik has described it as one of the “Three Perfect Books” in American Literature. The other two books are “The Great Gatsby” and “Adventures of Huckleberry”. He says that this book perfectly explains the American lifestyle in 1950’s.

However, along with positive reviews, this book also received some negative reviews. Many writers believe that novel failed to meet the expectations.

This novel is still one of the best novels of this world and people really love to read it.

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