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The Communist Manifesto PDF was originally known as the manifesto of the communist party. Karl Marx and Fredrick Engel write this novel. Both of them were German philosophers. This pamphlet was published in London in 1848 after the revolutions of 1848 began. Instead of predicting the potential of communism this pamphlet explains the problems associated with capitalism. In this pamphlet, authors have summarized Engel’s & Marx theories about politics and society. Authors also explained that with time socialism will replace capitalist society. This pamphlet was recognized as the most powerful political pamphlet of its time.

the-communist-manifestoIf you read history you will find a large number of writers of the 21st century who gave their reviews and commented on this powerful political pamphlet. In 2002 John Raines said that in today’s era this pamphlet has reached in every corner of the world.  He said that the tool of money has produced a miracle in the market (global). If you read this pamphlet which was written in 1848 (about more than 150 years ago) than you will know that author had already realized it.

The Communist Manifesto Book Review

Chris Harman also gave his review and idea about this political manuscript. He says that this pamphlet gives us an idea about the world we live in & where it is going. Chris Harman says that this pamphlet is still able to explain this world’s economy, socialism, economic crises, and hunger of millions of people on one hand and overproduction food on the other hand. Some sentences of this pamphlet should also have been published today in this modern world.

Alex Callinicos who is the editor of International socialism has shown his support for Marxist theories. These theories were found within the text of famous pamphlet. He says that this pamphlet is a manuscript of this century (21st century).


Karl Marx

Peter Osborne said that this manifesto is the only the most powerful and influential pamphlet of the 19th century. He gave his statement in Socialist Register which was published on 150th English Language Anniversary of Manifesto.

These were some scholars who have shown their support for this manifesto. According to whom this manifesto is the manifesto of the 21st century. But there are some others scholars as well who have not praised it. Edward Bernstein a Marxist and socialist declared this piece of work as an immature manifesto. He distinguishes between immature and mature manifesto. Edward Bernstein has shown his support for a mature manifesto. He said that “Communist Manifesto” is an immature manifesto written by Engel and Marx in their youth and has violent tendencies. Bernstein says that working class according to manifesto does not exist, actually exist and is growing. The working class is heterogeneous with socialist, non-socialist, factions and divisions etc. This objection was actually right because Marx in “Theories of Surplus Values” said that working or middle class is not disappearing.


Frederick Engels

Another person named George Bayer said that this Manifesto is the era of 1840’s.

Eric Hobsbawm says that Marx has shown townsman’s concept. The German phrase “dem Idiotism us des Landlebens entrissen” means “Narrow Horizon” or isolation of countryside people from under society. It is derived from Greek word “Idiot’s” which means idiot or idiocy. It shows a person who is only concerned about affairs of private matters and does not care about affairs of a community. In 1840’s during movements, the majority of people were not educated, therefore the original meaning was lost.

Although this Manifesto has received both positive and negative reviews from famous scholars and authors it is still read by people even after 150 years. The Manifesto has been translated into different languages and is the most powerful manuscript of political history.

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