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This novel The Name of The Rose PDF is based on the historical murder mystery. It was published in 1980 and it was a debut novel. Italian writer Umberto Eco is the writer of the novel. The mystery combines semiotics in fiction. William Weaver translates the book into English in 1983. In 1986 novel is adapted in a film. Several dramatic works were also done based on this novel.

the name of the rose PDFBritish rock band Ten released their album The Name of the Rose PDF. Based on the philosophical concepts of this novel. Many games are also adapted which was dedicated to Umberto Eco. The best thing about the novel is that there are numerous authentic Latin quotes, discussion on numerous philosophers like Aristotle have been referenced throughout the book. The Umberto Eco gave this novel a very neutral title. A fiction adaptation is also done based on this novel named as my name is red by Orhan Pamuk.

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Franciscan friar William of Baskerville is the monk of the 14th century who reaches Italian monastery to discuss theology. When monks starting to die, William and his novice start to find the killer. Initially, first killing was expected to be a suicide. But later on, William becomes suspicious about so many killings. After more deaths, Abbok asks William to investigate as he was already impressed by incredible skills of William. In addition, several other monks die in a mysterious way.

As William is tasked by monastery’s abbot to investigate the cause of deaths, he gets frustrated and all the fresh clues with each murder victim confuse William to dead ends. He also links the death with one of the book of Aristotle which he believes is hidden in the labyrinthine library. He explores a labyrinthine medieval library, but his investigation is interrupted due to the arrival of Inquister. Who interrupts and point out the fingers to those working in Monastery. He also took the confessions from them by torturing and threatening them.

William is not satisfied with all the clues and is not convinced with all this. He discusses the power of laughter, he confront face to face with the Inquisition, the reaction with Waldensians, William’s works hardly  and innate curiosity which he highly developed with powers of logic and deduction provide him the keys to unraveling the abbey’s mysteries and  then, in the end, he finally finds that the murderer is Jorge, who was the eldest monk. He runs from William and Adso into the library. William carried the only present copy of Aristotle’s Second Book of Poetics, which was believed to be lost into history.

As he flees away, Jorge sets fire to the whole library. William tries to chase him, as he was horrified at the thought of losing so much knowledge.

Jorge dies in library fire, which was badly spread and destroys much of the monastery. Tt burnt almost everything in the library. William and Adso become worried and upset at the destruction and their own failings. There was no plan to killing the Jorge, and mistakenly his investigation landed on Jorge. William and Adso move on, and the novel closes with ending up Adso’s recollections and remembering as he looks back all the sin and things throughout his life he did. He remembers the girl to whom he loved but do not know her name. The novel, in short, explains that as we look back on a rose from our past, we cannot see the rose itself, and only its name remains. The last line of the book was translated as “the rose of old remains only in its name; we possess naked names”.

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