The Prince PDF Free Download

The Prince PDF Free Download

The Prince PDF Novel is written by Italian diplomat Niccolò Machiavelli. This novel was originally published in the Italian language in 1532 in Italy. This non-fiction novel was published by Antonio Bladod’Asola and it was followed by Discourses on Livy.

Original Title: De Principatibus / Il Principe

Overview of The Prince PDF

The Prince PDFThe Prince is concerned with how to obtain and maintain power. Machiavelli suggests that he wants to recommend the best way for Lorenzo de Medici to rule. He starts by laying out different types of principalities: hereditary principalities, mixed principalities, new principalities, and ecclesiastical principalities. Machiavelli gives advice on the pros and cons of obtaining power through different means describes different types of armies and how a prince should ideally be hit. He goes over four different types of armies. Since it’s very important for a print to be familiar with military mercenaries which are hired troops auxiliaries. Which are true troops borrowed from other rulers: Native troops and Mixed troops. Mixed troops are a mix of native troops with either auxiliaries or mercenaries.

The Prince Novel Summary

Machiavelli believes that the native troops composed of the princes’ own people are the best and most reliable kind. All the other types of armies are unreliable and potentially dangerous. Machiavelli spends a great deal of time giving practical advice on how the prince should behave and how the prince should rule. He believes that it’s better for a prince to be cruel than merciful and that it’s wise to break promises if keeping them would be against one’s interests.

However, it is in a Prince’s best interest to maintain the goodwill of the people rather than to be hated. This is the best way to maintain rule. Machiavelli, it’s more important to appear virtuous than to actually be virtuous and having lofty goals doesn’t work well in practice if one wants to rule well and maintain rule.

Machiavelli continues by relating his lessons to the issue of Italy being several independent states rather than a unified country. He describes the leaders of Italy in the past and affirms his opinion that Lorenzo de Medici is the man to restore Italy’s great greatness and he asks Lorenzo de Medici to follow the advice that he’s laid out in this book.

The Prince PDF download Free

The Italian Novel is now freely available for download. Download Prince Machiavelli PDFKindle and EPUB.

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