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Jean Rhys is the writer of Wide Sargasso Sea PDF. He was born in Dominica and moves towards America. He is a British well-known Author. 1966 is the publication date of this saga. He writes many other famous novels named Good Morning and Midnight. Wide Sargasso Sea PDF considered her best work. This novel increased her prosperity. this one saga is a most well-known saga for her. in this saga, she discusses the important issues of society and more explains the relationship between the man and woman in one culture. This is the story of one girl who has wedded a man without own wish. The man behaves really bad and in a result, she was attracted to another man and see the dream of that man in presence of her husband.

Wide Sargasso Sea PDF Book Review

The Wide Sargasso Sea PDFAntoinette is the main character in this novel the Wide Sargasso Sea PDF. This story is based on her life. When she was a very young pretty girl she got wedded. Her husband was an English man. he is a gentleman by his appearance. This one is Antoinette arrange marriage. In the start of this story, the name of her husband in nor declare but as the story progresses her husband named open. In the start of her new life journey was good but after that, her husband behaviors was really bad. He locks her in the room. Her house is located on the island where no member of his family is live.

Wide Sargasso Sea Book Summary

Antoinette sees much crises during her childhood her mother and brother was not good beings and mentally unstable. They went for Honeymoon towards the Dominica. Her brother demanded her for huge money she was really surprised and depressed by her brother demanded. Her brother is not the normal man suffering mental problems. After that, the behavior of her husband going harsh and really bad. He locks her beat her and tease her a lot. in this all situation, she develops a new relationship with someone. Grace is the new man who is in the relationship with her. He is the servant of Antoinette house. The love affair moving fast no one known about this relation. Everyone thinks this is the master-servant relations. This relation is secretly moving many years. Soon her husband named Bertha to come to know that. Firstly, he feels then he searches and sees the unpleasant things is happened between them he saw this all things with eyes and remain relaxed.


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After that his behaviors harsher with her. He also interests some girl. The girl name was Jane Eyre. She is beautiful charming and young girl. Her beauty and intelligence attract him a lot. Soon he falls in love with him. He divorced the Antoinette. Now Antoinette free and wedded with Grace. She starts her dream life and very happy. On the other hand, her husband reposed Jane and then they met again and again and finally decided for the wedding. soon the also wedded and start the new journey.

This is the really amazing saga of woman relationship and her own behavior. The author writes this great saga and gains positive response from the public. This saga has been translated into other languages. This one is just a piece of Art.

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