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War and Peace PDF is 1869 novel written by famous author Leo Tolstoy. The action starts in 1805 and it leads to the French invasion of Russia by Napoleon in 1812. It is generally divided into 4 books with 15 parts between them. Also, there is an epilogue with two parts. The first published novel includes 1225 pages. This story is mainly concerned with 5 Aristocratic Families: the Drubetskoys, the Kuragins, the Rostovs, the Bezukhovs, & the Bolkonskys. It also comprises essays about war and history & there are more of those as the book progresses, which is really interesting. 
war and peace PDF

War and Peace book Review

War and Peace PDF is an amazing book. It covers dozens of characters and they navigate Russian all through Napoleonic Wars. There’s Pierre awkward lumbering young man who’s come to more money than he knows what to do with. Here is also Pierre’s friend Andrei, a professional soldier and the Russian military. There’s Natasha, they young romantically and delisted woman.

Story centers on these characters, lots of others drift funks our family and their friends. A story told according to Napoleon’s view. This story is an ultimate perspective of Russian Emperor Alexander the first it covers close to about thirty main and secondary characters. As it tells us an epic sweeping story about Russia during Napoleonic Wars going from the initial invasion of by France down to the fall of Moscow. And then to the conclusion of the war, when the French retreat spoiler alert. It’s a massive story and it is not just due to the scope of the events but really, it does more than Tolstoy’s examination of powerful motivations that drive people and then drive history.

To that point, it appears that the title War in Peace is actually a bit of a mistranslation. It can be accurately translated as the war in society and they’ve also seen it translated as warrant cosmos or war and the world. But just for consistency, let’s refer to it as an important piece. So, anyways beyond the battles, the high society bat balls, romance, murders, bring lost, tension, the real mean of novel lays beneath that.

Tolstoy said that the book was more of the philosophical meditation than a direct story. And the book’s second half, Tolstoy really takes his characters and puts him on the back burner. He really comes forth with his distinct voice and he really has something to say.

For the remaining book, it delves intensely into the motivations people enough countries. The book becomes driven by a curiosity of the badness of humanity. For example, during the story, Russian France signed the treaty in the name of peace. Only going to war in contradiction of one another later on in the name the Saint peace. One of the characters in novel murdered dozens of people and doesn’t lose any sleep but when he’s personally betrayed. It affects him so deeply on what to get-up-and-go him to madness. If we try and distill War and Peace down to his essence, it’s not about Napoleonic Wars or the Russian people, those are events in it which ties forth is an illusion of the agency. We think we were in the control, we tell ourselves bring.

But really what controls us and what guides our destinies or forces that are just beyond rational thought. We can sit here and plan something to integrate only to have all my careful calculations thrown off by an unexpected change in the weather or a spiteful colleague or any other number of events. And Tolstoy is aware of this as he rates the story it’s painfully human. This is the work almost unparalleled not only in scope but in its depth. War and Peace PDF ask some very good WHAT and a very good HOW but it’s why is the question that made it into your centuries.

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