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This English novel You Can Heal Your Life PDF is published in 1984. It is based on spirituality and self-help. Louis L. Hay is the writer of the novel. This is her second book as an author. She wrote her first book at age of sixty. After Louise appearance in Opray Winfrey Show and Donahue in the same week, the book became the best seller. More than 35 million copies are sold all over the world. The You Can Heal Your Life PDF translated into more than 30 languages. This book becomes the root cause of success and publicity of Hay House Inc Company. Due to this book author become famous and successful. She became largest selling female author after Danielle steel and J. K Rolling.

You-Can-Heal-Your-LifeBefore this, she wrote heal your Body and after this book, she wrote A Garden of thoughts: My Affirmation Journal. The book was also adapted in one documentary in 2007. Michael A. Goorjian is director of the novel. Hay is a metaphysical lecturer. With more than 25 years, Louise has helped many people throughout the world. She discovers and implements full potential and willpower of their for personal growth and self-healing. Hay House, Inc company disseminates books, CDs, DVDs, and other things that help to contribute to the healing of the planet.

The book main and timeless message is that we all are responsible for our own reality and “dis-ease.” The writer Hay believes that we all make ourselves ill by jealousy and having thoughts of self-hatred. She also includes a directory of affliction and emotional causes for each with a related affirmation to help overcome the disease and illness. For example, the most probable cause of multiple sclerosis is “hard-heartedness, mental hardness, iron will, and inflexibility.” The healing “thought pattern” should be: “By choosing loving, Positive, good and joyous thoughts, I created a joyous loving world. I am safe and free.”

You Can Heal Your Life Summary

The key purpose of this book is that because our mind and body are connected with each other, that’s why illnesses of body indirectly somehow have their connection and root causes in emotional and spiritual aspects of mind and its beliefs and thought processes. While the modern medicine concerns itself with releasing and eliminating symptoms of specific disease in the body, using specific tools such as chemotherapy, pharmaceutical drugs, and different surgical techniques, Hay’s mental approach is to identify and work to resolve what she takes as the mental root causes of disease.

The author believes that the causes of “dis-ease” involve stress and unhealthy thought patterns and beliefs about yourself, and assume that the best way to affect and create positive change in the body is first to change the way we think, using the help of tools such as “mirror work” and pronouncement. She believes that every thought we think is a reason for creating our future. Each one of us learns and creates our experiences by our feelings and our thoughts. The thoughts we think and the words we speak are the reason that creates our experiences.

Hay says what we think about others and ourselves becomes the reason of truth for us. I believe that everyone, including myself, is the cause and responsible for everything in our lives, whether its best or the worst. In short, the author believes in our body achieves what the mind believes. At the end of a book, there is a separate table and section along with lists of numerous illnesses and various emotional problems thought patterns that Hay believes causes them.

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